What is Trackbuzzer

What is Trackbuzzer

Trackbuzzer.com is a revolutionary digital marketing and promotions company. Established in 2009 by some New York City’s most influential DJs, Trackbuzzer.com provides artists and labels with the means to service their records to industry insiders and potential new fans.

In this day and age, the internet has become the premier platform of communication which has made it possible for us to create an inexpensive way for artists and labels to market their material.

What we do

We provide marketing and promotional services to clients seeking exposure in the music business.
Songs are distributed to our email list which is constantly being updated to ensure targeted delivery.Our network  includes Mixtape DJs, Radio Personalities, Producers, A&Rs, Music Fans and much more.

We also provide promotion to clients via The A&R report, which is a mixtape series hosted by DJ Finesse, DJ Hpnotiq, DJ Love Dinero, DJ Onpoint and guest artists and producers.This mixtape series is used for promotional use only and is distributed through our network of 10,000+ music stores, creating more exposure for our clients.

We also offer consulting to client who require a broader array of services. Clients who choose to use our consulting services will be assigned a project manager who will create an action plan that is tailored specifically for that project.For more info on consultant please visit http://www.trackbuzzer.com/music-consultant/




His music speaks for itself and to the masses.

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Jeff Donna, born Jeffrey Javier, channels the soul of underground

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Chick Da Flyest

Chick Da Flyest, a rapper/songwriter from the east side

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Hailing from small town Enfield, NC,

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When It Rains It Pours.. .. ..In The Beginning, There Was Rain….. ..

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